Thursday, January 9, 2014

There’s no stopping 88-year-old Dr M

He may have suffered a recent health scare, but there is no stopping Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
The witty 88-year-old showed no signs of slowing down when he took on a range of questions during and after the one-hour RTM Hello on Two (HOT) live talk show here on Thursday.
"I had the attack as I was going from country to country delivering talks.
"It was a little bit too much of a strain on my lungs. I had a lung infection.
"I am now fully cured. But I am warned that I must exercise my lungs so I am exercising my lungs by talking to you," he quipped much to the amusement of those at the press conference held after the show.
The former Prime Minister told talk show hosts Terence Dass and Sofea that he was looking after his diet and had good doctors taking care of him.
"I have always been conscious about my health. I do not smoke or drink and I control my food," adding doctors had told him to slow down.
Dr Mahathir said he was drawn to fund raising efforts and it was difficult for him to say no.
"Somehow they think that if you tag my name, their efforts to raise funds will be better, so I can't just say no to them."
To a question from one of his fans via video networking, Dr Mahathir said he was a fan of Sarawak Laksa but the Kedahan insisted 'Kedah Laksa' was his favourite.
Despite his hectic schedule, Dr Mahathir said he took time off for holidays and enjoyed going to Japan or cruising the Mediterranean on a boat.
He also likes to read, and always carries a book with him.
"If I do not read, I feel something is missing. I cannot do nothing."
The man who did not think he would one day become PM as "I had stepped on too many toes", said he was not slowing down anytime soon.
On defining happiness, Dr Mahathir said it was difficult to do so but advised people to enjoy themselves and not to quarrel with anyone.

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