Tuesday, September 15, 2015


By Dr Mahathir Mohamad 

1. I used to enjoy being asked about Malaysia when I am abroad. But not now.
2. The foreigners and Malaysians living abroad ask, “What is happening
to Malaysia?”
3. “It seems to be like one of those African or Arab countries.”
4. “It is totally corrupt. The currency has depreciated”.
Etc. Etc.
5. I cannot answer truthfully. I cannot lie either. It is embarrassing. And all this is because of the 1MDB and Najib.
6. I began to feel there was something wrong with the 1MDB when The Edge published that it had bought power plants above market price and borrowed money paying commissions of 10% and interest rate of 5.9%.
7. I waited for the Government to deny that what was published by The Edge was correct. The Government did not. Then I know there was something very wrong.
8. Subsequently came the stories about a JV with Petrosaudi. It was too quick. Obviously no due diligence was done. Yet 1MDB paid 1 billion U.S. (3.8billion Ringgit) for its 40% share.
9. Then 1MDB paid another US 700 million to settle debts incurred by Petro-Saudi to Petro Saudi International. Why should 1MDB pay. The JV should pay.
10. But within 6 months of setting up the JV, it was dissolved. Had a good due diligence been done, this JV would not have been set up. Clearly it was not a viable proposition!
11. The 1.7 billion US should now be returned to 1MDB. But No! It was converted into a loan (Murabahah) to Petrosaudi. This is extremely unusual. If you could not work with Petrosaudi as a JV partner how could you give it such a huge loan.
12. Then the money seems to have disappeared. It was previously reported to be deposited in banks in Hong Kong and Seychelles, invested in something or other and was supposed to end up in the Cayman Islands.
13. Concerned Malaysians demanded that the money be returned to Malaysia. An announcement was made that a portion had been returned to Malaysia but was used to pay debts and other expenses. Malaysia wanted more information especially as a 2 billion Ringgit interest on loans could not be paid. 1MDB just had no money. So where is the money from the Caymans. Why should Ananda Krishnan offer 2 billion Ringgit to help pay the interest. Government had to provide a stand-by loan of RM900 million.
14. Things did not look right. Then 1MDB announced that the rest of the money from Cayman Islands had been received in cash. Arul, the CEO, claimed he saw the money. The PM said the money was deposited in a Singapore Bank. It was not brought back to Malaysia because Bank Negara would ask too many questions.
15. That seems to be an admission that something was not right with the money.
16. But Singapore is a financial centre. As such it must be even more careful that money brought in and deposited in its banks should be investigated, especially if the sum is large, running into billions.
17. And sure enough the Monetary Authority of Singapore stated publicly that no 1MDB Malaysian money came into the country. The Swiss Bank which was named as the bank where the money was deposited denied 1MDB had deposited money with it.
18. So where were the billions of Ringgits or Dollars that 1MDB claimed it had brought back from the Caymans. Arul Kandasamy had openly claimed he saw the money.
19. Now the PM declared that it was not money. It was units. The bank where it was deposited was not named.
20. What units were these. Not units in Unit Trust Funds certainly. No explanation is forth coming. The billions of dollars have again disappeared.
21. Then the Wall Street Journal reported that Dato Sri Najib has USD700 million in his account in the Arab Malaysian Bank in Kuala Lumpur. That is about 2.6 billion Ringgit. How did this huge sum of money get into Najib’s Private Account. Where did the money come from!! How can the PM of Malaysia whose pay is only RM20,000 per month have so much money in his private account?
22. Unable to deny the Wall Street Journal report which included the account number and other details, Najib claimed that it was a donation.
23. Who in the world would donate USD700 million to the Malaysian Prime Minister? Even Obama could not raise this amount for his Presidential bid. It was suggested it was an Arab.
24. Arabs are generous, but not that generous. I could not raise even a single dollar from them for the Malaysian International Islamic University or for the Oxford Islamic Centre. This claim that Arabs donated billions is what people describe as hogwash or bullshit. Certainly I don’t believe it and neither can the majority of Malaysians if we go by the comments on the social media. The world had a good laugh.
25. When asked, the PM said wait for the report on 1MDB by the Auditor–General and the Public Accounts Committee.
26. To the UMNO divisional leaders and assorted bedfellows the PM in close-door meetings, claimed the billions were for the elections.
27. The 2 billion Ringgit plus for elections is absurd. I needed less than 10 million for each of the five elections I presided over and I won them all with more than 2/3 majority. Why do you need 2.6 billion plus or 2600 million Ringgit. Is it to bribe politicians and civil servants, or to rig the elections. That would not be right , much less legal.
28. Whatever, to me 2 billion plus for elections in Malaysia by any party is wrong even if no limit is put on election expenses.
29. Then there is this lavish life-style which no Malaysian Prime Minister would be able to afford on the RM20,000 per month he receives. Engagement and weddings lavishness far surpassed those of the Rulers even. Several ceremonies were held in Malaysia and also in Kazakhstan. Guests were loaded with gifts from the host. Clearly millions, tens of millions were spent, far beyond what a Malaysian PM can afford.
30. Then there is the son’s investment of hundreds of millions in producing the film The Wolf of Wall Street. It is so pornographic that it cannot be shown in Malaysia. Where did the money come from!
31. The shopping in London, Paris and elsewhere is known to be enormous.
32. Clearly the PM and his wife have more money than the salaries and allowances paid to the PM.
33. After the Wall Street Journal reported on Najib’s 2.6 billion Ringgit in his private account, it was closed. You cannot take all that money to keep with you. It had to be transferred. Apparently it was transferred to a Singapore bank. Then the Singapore authorities froze it.
34. Public clamour about the origin of the money in Najib’s account was so loud that a task force comprising the head of four government institutions was set up. The Attorney General headed this task force and the members were the IGP, the Head of Bank Negara and the Head of MACC, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
35. Najib was clearly uncomfortable with the investigations carried out by the task force. The members seemed to be too independent. Najib could not control them. The task force was apparently determined to seek the truth about the 1MDB and the 2.6 billion Ringgit in Najib’s account. Najib’s claim that it was a donation was not convincing.
36. Then Najib decided to take action to stop all the investigations on 1MDB and his private account.
37. First he announced that people should stop talking about 1MDB. It was not just a hint but an open statement that such talk would be regarded as undermining democracy and an attempt to overthrow an elected leader. This would attract police attention and investigation.
38. Immediately following that the A.G. was sacked. In Malaysia’s legal system the A.G. determines whether a case would be heard in a court or not. The A.G. who seemed to be heading the task force would be in a position to take to the courts if there was evidence of criminality in Najib’s possession of the billions in his account.
39. The A.G’s removal means that he could no longer make any decision over the unprecedented wealth of Najib. A judge was made A.G. and clearly he is not interested in the task force and its investigations. He seemed determined to clear Najib.
40. Then the DPM was dismissed and replaced by the Minister of Home Affairs who unlike Muhyiddin, had never questioned Najib about 1MDB.
41. In the cabinet reshuffle four members of the Public Accounts Committee including its chairman were made deputy ministers. Effectively, the PAC was paralysed and the work of investigating 1MDB stopped.
42. Then the chief and deputy chief of MACC, a member of the task force of four were asked to go on leave. When some members of the staff of MACC continued their investigations and wanted to query Najib on the source of the money in his account, they were harassed by the police who accused them of leaking information. Then they were transferred to the PM’s department. That shut them up.
43. The Governor of the Central Bank, a member of the four-strong Task Force is now rumoured to be investigated for corruption.
44. With the PAC, and the Task Force paralysed and the A.G. sacked, investigation work on the 1MDB and the 2.6 billion in Najib’s private account grounds to a complete halt.
45. Najib is now safe from being charged with illegally amassing funds. His claim that it is to be used for the coming elections is half-true. He had always said that cash is king. With the huge funds at his disposal he would be in a position to bribe his way to victory. He may also use the money to rig the election.
46. What Najib is doing is unprecedented in Malaysia. The people are at a loss as to what to do. The prospect of Najib continuing to rule this country is utterly depressing. The Malaysia where elections can even see opposition parties winning whole states will be no more.
47. Democracy is dead. It is dead because an elected leader chooses to subvert the institutions of Government and make them his instruments for sustaining himself. There is no more democracy for anyone to undermine. Certainly talking about 1MDB will not undermine something that no longer exist. If anyone should be questioned by the police, it is Najib.

1. What is happening in Malaysia today is unprecedented. The rule of law has been turned upside down and the people seem powerless to do anything to put it upright again.
2. This is because the very leader entrusted with upholding the law has become the subject of the due process of the law. It is alleged that he has broken the law. As no one is above the law, it follows that he must be investigated to determine if indeed he had broken the law.
3. Although this is unprecedented in Malaysia, this had happened in many other countries, including in the developed West.
4. Recall the case of President Nixon of the United States of America. He had used Government officials to spy on his political rival. This was considered as abuse of power in the U.S.
5. Eventually he was impeached and was forced to resign as President of the U.S. The Vice President took over and in due course elections were held. The Vice-President won. End of problem.
6. In other countries more violent methods are used to remove an unpopular president, whether elected or imposed by the military or other politically powerful groups.
7. Now Malaysia would not want to see violence used. So the instruments or the institutions of Governments were expected to investigate and determine whether the allegations against the P.M. are true or not.
8. The institution that is normally expected to do this is mainly the police. Other institutions with the capacity to investigate are also expected to do this. In cases involving money, the Central Bank are expected to investigate and report.
9. Then there are special bodies created to oversee how Government money is managed. These are the Auditor-General and the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. Additionally there is the Anti-Corruption Commission.
10. They are however limited to investigations and preparation of reports. They themselves have no power to prosecute. For this, the Attorney-General must decide and initiate legal proceedings. If the A.G. decides there is no case to answer, even the most blatant crime will not be tried in the court.
11. The only other process for the removal of a PM is a vote of no-confidence in Parliament. It needs a simple majority. With the fall of the PM, the whole Government would fall. But by majority decision in Parliament, a new Government may be set up. It may be the same party or a different party. Alternatively an election can be held.
12. These are the avenues of legal redress provided in the Malaysian Constitution and laws.
13. Due to the serious nature of the allegations against the highest leader of the Government, a task force of four, consisting of the Attorney General, the Inspector General of Police, the Governor of the Central Bank and the head of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission was formed to collect all relevant evidence for the Attorney General to decide on the action to be taken.
14. All these agencies and institutions were in the midst of their investigations when the PM struck. He first sacked the A.G. and appointed his man to the post. Then he literally disbanded the Public Accounts Committee by appointing the Chairman and three other members as Deputy Ministers and to other posts. Members of the MACC who were continuing to investigate the case were harassed by the police who accused them of leaking secrets. Two were transferred to the PMO.
15. Rumors were rife that the Governor of the Central Bank was being investigated for corruption. Although she remains as Governor, the staff of the Central Bank were harassed and accused of leaking information to the press.
16. The Edge, the paper that had exposed the 1MDB scandal was closed. The owner of The Malaysian Reserve paper was told to sell it back to the previous owner.
17. Najib also sacked the Deputy Prime Minister and one of the ministers who had been vocal in questioning the financial records of 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion found in Najib’s personal bank account.
18. With these actions, Najib has effectively stopped investigations on the disappearance of billions of Ringgit invested by 1MDB and the appearance of 2.6 billion in Najib’s account. Now no legal action can be taken against Najib as the allegations cannot be proven. But his very actions prove that there is substance in the allegations made against him.
19. Public opinion therefore remains strong in wanting Najib to resign as PM. Consequently there is talk about moving a vote of no-confidence against him in Parliament.
20. This is very difficult as almost all the UMNO members seem beholden to him. And the opposition does not have enough members to pass the motion.
21. So there is a stalemate. But the economy is reacting in its own way. The Ringgit has depreciated to below its old fixed rate of RM3.80 to the USD. It is now at 4 Ringgit plus and is likely to drop further. The effect is to make the country poor. Paying debts by 1MDB in USD would cost more. Already 1MDB is unable even to service its debts.
22. The stock market has all but collapsed. Investors, especially foreign investors are taking out their money to safer places abroad.
23. The Government is short of funds. It has to cut budget allocations to all ministries. The introduction of the GST has only resulted in increasing the cost of living making the depreciation of the Ringgit more acute.
24. Najib may be able to buy his way through in the next election but he will not be able to acquire funds to sustain his purchase of popularity. The Government he leads will not be able to borrow. The country’s economy will collapse. And the people will suffer. This is the grim picture that lies in store for Malaysians because Najib has basically stolen the Government.



By Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. There is a blatant attempt by Najib and his supporters to make the illegitimate legitimate and vice-versa.
2. Thus Najib’s stoppage of the investigations on 1MDB and his own possession of RM2.6 billion is made to appear legal and right while the investigators who were acting completely in accordance with the laws of the country are accused of acting outside their terms of reference and therefore not legitimate. To support their comment they invented terms of reference of the task force.
3. On the other hand he and his supporters are trying to make out that a vote of non-confidence against him by Parliament is not proper and constitute an abuse of the democratic system and an illegal attempt to overthrow the elected Government. But everyone knows that a vote of non- confidence is absolutely legal.
4. Najib seems to have forgotten that the BN overthrew the elected Government of Perak by claiming it had majority support in the state assembly. It should have done so through a vote of non-confidence. But BN was not sure that it would have majority support if the State Assembly sat. So it made out its case before the ruler despite there being no provision in the constitution or laws of the country for a ruler to dismiss an elected Government.
5. A vote of non-confidence is necessary now because Najib has made BN members of Parliament beholden to him by giving them lucrative posts in the Government. Even those who had come to me complaining about Najib’s administration before, upon being given posts in his government, have now changed their stand. One of them who claimed to have documentary evidence of Najib’s misconduct, now gladly support him upon being made minister.
6. Other BN members of Parliament have also been turned around after a short closed door talk and appeals to greed. Sharir now claims it is proper to receive money from the President. It is really improper. All donations in the past were made to the party’s fund operated by the trustees. Support for the President is only in so far as he implements party policies. It is not personal to him. He has openly said that since they received money from him they should support him. This is bribery. Is the President bribing UMNO leaders in order to gain their support? Apparently this is what he is doing. He has corrupted UMNO and those who accepted money from him support corruption in the party. Really Najib has made UMNO, the party that won independence for Malaysia, into a rotten and corrupt party. People are disgusted with UMNO now.
7. Now the possible BN supporters of a non-confidence vote are being named publicly to “gempaq” (intimidate) them. They are being accused of working with the opposition. This is a warning to other BN members not to support the non-confidence vote. It may be necessary once again to give BN MPs a holiday in Taiwan.
8. The opposition should really want Najib to continue leading the BN as this would ensure them victory in the coming election. But the prospect of having a PM who uses money to win support and who overturns the law upside down cannot be appealing to the opposition for much longer. So rumours of their non-confidence motion may be true.
9. But from reports and comments in the alternative media the opposition and most Malaysians are truly worried and angry over Najib’s abuses of power. He would not be beyond rigging elections to ensure winning the next elections.
10. But the Opposition just do not have the numbers. If the demands for Najib to step down by UMNO rank and file is assessed, there would be quite a number of the party’s MPs who would also like to see Najib removed. They do not believe the nonsensical explanations about the disappearance of 1MDB money or the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s private account. These MPs could vote with the opposition in a non-confidence
11. It is of course not something the BN MPs like to do. They would not like to becoming instrumental in bringing down a BN Government. If the opposition is really keen to be rid of Najib, they can only do so if only Najib goes but the BN Government stays, led by another leader.
12. The Opposition would have to find a formula which would see a BN without Najib still forming the Government if it wants BN MPs’ support. Under previous BN Governments, the opposition had always won seats in Parliament and had beaten the BN in many States. Najib’s lack of respect for the law and constitution and his willingness to buy politicians and civil servants may mean the end of Parliamentary Democracy in Malaysia. It can mean no opposition just as in UMNO opposition to him has been snuffed out.



By Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. Dato’ Sri Najib and his supporters should stop trying to convince Malaysians that the 2.6 billion Ringgit in his private account is a donation.
2. No one believes or can believe such a huge sum of money can be donated by anyone to Dato’ Sri Najib or to anyone for whatever reason.
3. Explaining that it was given because of Malaysia’s stand against the Islamic State is absurd as the Islamic State showed their brand of terrorism only in 2014 whereas the money came in in 2013 or before.
4. Saying that it is because of Malaysia’s moderation in Islam is equally absurd as Malaysia had never been extreme in its practice of Islam.
5. Why 700 million dollars? Surely it is too big for the needs of Malaysian elections, except if it is to bribe the Malaysian electorate. Why should anyone want to bribe the Malaysian electorate so Najib would win. Malaysians have supported the BN without the need to be paid huge bribes by anyone, least of all by foreigners.
6. The new DPM says he has seen the Arab who gave the money. Then let him give proof that this Arab has huge sums of money to give away to Malaysia and many other countries. Which countries. What is the source of this money. What business does he do? What is the name of the bank he uses. Show his account in the bank, the cheques he issued, particularly the 700 million USD. The recipient bank should be holding these cheques.
7. All these information could have been verified by the task force of four. But Najib dismantled the task force by sacking the A.G., sending the head of MACC on leave, and accusing Bank Negara of leaking Government secrets.
8. Now the MACC is said to be still investigating the 2.6 billion. It is an emasculated MACC. If Najib is serious about investigating his 2.6 billion Ringgit in Ambank, he should reconstitute the original tasks force. A new task force filled with his people has no credibility.
9. Banks have to maintain banking secrecy. But banks are also required to report suspected money laundering. Malaysian banks, Singapore banks, Swiss banks and American banks must not keep secret their business with money suspected of being stolen. What have they done?
10. When stolen money is put through banks, the objective is to make it legal, to launder it. Yet the money has disappeared from Ambank because because the account was closed.
11. When the account is closed, it cannot mean that the huge amount of money is taken out in cash. It must have been transferred to another bank. Yet we don’t hear of any bank anywhere reporting this money is with them. Two accounts are reported to be frozen in Singapore. Is that all. Surely the holder of the account should be investigated. But so far nothing is heard. Do the banks get to keep the money! If it is not reported to the authorities for action to be taken, then effectively the money has been laundered.
12. If this is so then why have banks to scrutinise large amounts of money deposited with it. They might as well not scrutinise if the suspiciously huge amount of money, the subject of much controversy is just retained by them.
13. The public has a right to know because the public does not believe that the 2.6 billion Ringgit was a gift personally to the PM of Malaysia for him to win elections. Malaysians would not like to believe their candidate for the highest office in the country is a nominee of some person from another country. What will be his obligation to his supporters. Will he serve Malaysians or some foreign country.
14. Stop thinking that Malaysians are stupid.



Oleh Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. Saya hadir dalam tunjuk perasaan anjuran Bersih pada 29-30 Ogos. Ramai yang tertanya-tanya apakah saya sudah jadi penyokong Bersih. Apakah saya sokong parti lawan DAP dan Kit Siang. Ada juga yang bertanya saya sudah
memihak kepada orang Cina.
2. Saya pernah menyatakan demonstrasi jalanan tidak harus diguna untuk tekanan politik kerana ia menjejaskan perniagaan terutama perniagaan kecil dan ekonomi Negara. Apakah sekarang perbuatan saya tidak menunjuk sifat berdolak-dalik dalam politik.
3. Saya tidak setuju dengan tunjuk perasaan kerana ada saluran lain yang boleh digunakan untuk menekan Kerajaan apabila menyalahguna kuasa.
4. Kita boleh buat laporan polis, dengan harapan polis dan Pendakwa Raya akan ambil tindakan, menghadapkan pihak yang dituduh ke mahkamah.
5. Tetapi sekarang Najib sudah bubar dan musnahkan institusi-institusi Kerajaan yang ditugas untuk melindungi hak rakyat.
6. Apabila dituduh telah lesapkan duit Kerajaan melalui 1MDB, Najib serah siasatan kepada Ketua Audit Negara dan Jawatankuasa Kira-kira Wang Negara (PAC – Public Accounts Committee) Dewan Rakyat. Rakyat disuruh tunggu sehingga siasatan oleh badan-badan ini selesai.
7. Apabila wang sebanyak RM2.6 bilion terdapat dalam akaun peribadi Najib, dan dia tak dapat menafi duit ini ada dalam akaunnya, dan ramai bertanya daripada mana duit ini datang, dan penjelasan yang munasabah tidak dapat diberi oleh Najib, maka satu pasukan bertugas (task force) dibentuk untuk secara rasmi menyelidik wang ini.
8. Pasukan ini terdiri daripada Pendakwa Raya, Ketua Polis Negara, Ketua Badan Pencegah Rasuah dan Gabenor Bank.
9. Rakyat menunggu hasil siasatan ini. Tiba-tiba Pendakwa Raya disingkir oleh Najib, Ketua Badan Pencegah Rasuah diarah bercuti, dan Gabenor Bank diugut kononnya kerana Bank Negara bocor maklumat. Dan terhentilah siasatan oleh badan ini.
10. Di masa yang sama Pengerusi PAC dan tiga lagi ahli diberi jawatan dalam Kerajaan dan siasatan berkenaan wang 1MDB oleh PAC pun dihentikan.
11. Beberapa pegawai polis dan lain-lain pegawai dipindah ke jawatan lain supaya tidak lagi dapat meneruskan siasatan.
12. Yang ditinggal dan yang baru dilantik adalah orang yang tidak tunjuk minat untuk membuat siasatan, bahkan sengaja menghalang apa-apa siasatan terhadap 1MDB dan duit RM2.6 bilion dalam akaun Najib.
13. Semua saluran untuk menyiasat 1MDB dan RM2.6 bilion dalam akaun Najib sudah tidak lagi ada.
14. Sebaliknya Najib dan konco-konconya sering mendakwa duit RM2.6 bilion adalah derma. Tidak pula diperkenalkan penderma, punca kekayaannya, bentuk wang yang diberi, bank yang terlibat dan lain-lain butiran. Sebenarnya dakwaan ini tidak boleh diterima akal.
15. Kepada pemimpin UMNO Najib mendakwa bahawa RM2.6 bilion ini adalah untuk pilihanraya ke-14. Jika untuk parti belanja membeli nasi lemak atau minuman atau sewa kereta seperti dahulu, jumlah ini beratus kali ganda wang yang diperlukan.
16. Tetapi untuk sogok pemimpin dan ahli Dewan Rakyat dengan berjuta tiap seorang, untuk sogok pegawai supaya menipu, besar kemungkinan wang sebanyak RM2.6 bilion diperlukan.
17. Jika Najib menang kerana sogok wang, dia akan perlu lebih banyak wang lagi untuk mengekalkan dirinya sebagai PM dan untuk PRU 15. Dari mana akan datang berbilion lagi jika tidak secara haram. Malaysia akan diperintah oleh seorang Perdana Menteri yang bergantung kepada rasuah. Najib sendiri berkata “Cash is King” “Wang Tunai adalah Raja”. Raja inilah yang disembah oleh Najib.
18. Najib akan nafi tetapi keadaan Negara sekarang amat buruk. Hubungan kaum tegang. Nilai Ringgit dan saham jatuh dengan teruknya jauh lebih teruk dari Thailand, Singapura dan lain-lain Negara. Kos sara hidup melambung naik kerana GST dan lain-lain. Hutang Negara bertimbun dan lain-lain.
19. Inilah masa depan Malaysia jika Najib kekal. Segala cara menukar Perdana Menteri yang mengikut undang-undang dan Perlembagaan Negara sudah ditutup oleh Najib. Hanya dengan suara keramat rakyat dibantu dengan undi tidak percaya Dewan Rakyat sahaja yang boleh menjatuhkan Najib dan menyelamatkan Negara daripada perasuah.
20. Oleh itu saya terpaksa menyertai demonstrasi jalanan anjuran Bersih yang bertema singkirkan Najib kerana rasuah, dan saya rayu kepada ahli Dewan Rakyat UMNO dan BN supaya menyokong undi tidak percaya kepada Najib. BN tidak akan jatuh setelah Najib disingkir. BN masih parti majoriti.
21. Selagi Najib berkuasa semala itulah ekonomi merosot, nilai Ringgit jatuh, saham jatuh, kos sara hidup meningkat kerana GST, hutang Negara bertimbun dan tidak dapat dibayar, pengangguran bertambah, berbilion duit rakyat disalahgunakan.
22. Inilah nasib yang menunggu Malaysia kerana Najib.



Oleh Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1.Najib mendesak supaya kamu menyokong dirinya untuk kemenangan PRU14.
2.​Malangnya menyokong Najib sebagai Ketua UMNO lebih menentukan kekalahan UMNO dan bukan kemenangan.
3.​UMNO tidak pernah menang semata-mata kerana sokongan ahli-ahlinya. Jumlah ahli dalam mana-mana kawasan tidak mencukupi untuk memberi kemenangan bagi calon UMNO. Tidak pernah ahli UMNO melebihi separuh dari jumlah pengundi dalam mana-mana kawasan.
4.​Yang memberi kemenangan kepada calon UMNO ialah orang Melayu, yang percaya kepada perjuangan UMNO, tetapi tidak menyertai UMNO. Orang Cina dan India juga menyumbang kepada kemenangan calon UMNO.
5.​Sekarang semua mereka ini sudah tidak percaya lagi kepada UMNO. Mereka benci Najib dan mereka percaya Najib mengguna wang untuk membeli sokongan pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO. Ini diakui oleh beberapa Ketua Bahagian dan Ahli Parlimen secara terbuka. Apabila pembangkang menamakan pemimpin UMNO yang telah disogok, tidak ada penafian dibuat oleh sesiapa.
6.​Tindakan Najib menghalang siasatan keatas wang 2.6 billion Ringgit yang ada dalam akaun peribadinya, membuktikan wang ini didapati secara haram. Jika didapati secara halal, Najib tidak perlu takut siasatan diteruskan.
7.​Pentadbiran Najib menyebabkan nilai Ringgit jatuh sehingga harga barang semua naik, inflasi tinggi, dan saham jatuh harga. Ramai sekarang ini sudah muflis. Beban ditokok dengan GST yang menyebabkan harga barangan dan khidmat naik lagi.
8.​Mereka yang ada anak belajar di luar negari terpaksa tambah Ringgit yang merosot nilai dari 4 Ringgit bagi 1 Pound kepada hampir 7 Ringgit 1 Pound.
9.​Pembangunan negara diabaikan dan wang sebanyak RM42 billion dipinjam, dilabur secara tidak bijak dan berbillion Ringgit sudah tidak dapat dikesan. Yang diketahui ialah Najib memiliki wang sebanyak 2.6 billion Ringgit dalam akaunnya di bank Arab-Malaysian. Sekarang wang ini telah dipindah entah kemana. Apabila siasatan dibuat oleh badan Kerajaan yang bertanggungjawab Najib bubar badan-badan ini.
10.​Sesungguhnya majoriti rakyat menolak dan benci Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri. Mereka tidak dapat terima dakwaan Najib bahawa 2.6 billion Ringgit yang ada dalam akaunnya adalah derma orang Arab.
11.​Dalam PRU14 mereka semua, Melayu, Cina dan India akan tolak BN kerana kepimpinan Najib. UMNO akan hancur kerana ramai dari ahli UMNO tidak dapat terima Najib dan perbuatannya. Ramai dari mereka akan undi parti lawan atau tidak mengundi.
12.​Sebaliknya jika Najib tidak lagi menjadi Presiden UMNO dan memimpin BN, besar kemungkinan BN dan UMNO akan menang. Perasaan benci rakyat tidak tertumpu kepada UMNO atau BN. Mereka tidak terima Najib dan kemarahan mereka hanyalah kepada Najib dan beberapa pemimpin UMNO yang membodek kerana hendak jawatan atau lain-lain.
13.​Ahli-ahli UMNO yang sayang dan ingin UMNO kekal dan berkuasa perlu tolak Najib sebelum pilihanraya. Jika penolakan ini dibuat terlalu lewat, masa untuk pemulihan UMNO tidak mencukupi.
14.​Jika sayang UMNO tolak Najib sekarang. Jika sayang Najib, UMNO akan hilang kuasa dan berkecai.



By Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. Najib’s Government claims that Al-Jazeera is trying to subvert his Government with the half-hour documentary on murder in Malaysia. It claims there is no truth in the report.
2. If the Government thinks there is no truth in the documentary, then it should sue Al-Jazeera for defamation.
3. Al-Jazeera is watched by millions throughout the world. Most will believe what they see. Merely saying that it is not true may convince some Malaysians but will not convince foreigners.
4. After all during the Merdeka month Al Jazeera showed a glowing documentary on Malaysia, including its PM. Viewers have a choice to believe which documentary.
5. This new documentary will blacken not only Najib’s name but the whole country as well. It is not pleasant to be told that the Prime Minister of Malaysia may be involved in a murder case.
6. Najib and his Government have a duty to clear our name. Proof must be given that the murder, the cover-up, the police involvement and Razak Baginda were in no way guilty of the terrible crime. The Judiciary including the AG’s Chambers too must clear their names especially with regard to the acquittal of Razak Baginda and the appeal by the Attorney General which was confined only to the two policemen. They were retried and were found guilty and sentenced to be hanged to death by the Appeals court.
7. Already Malaysians abroad are being asked what has happened to our country. This new episode is not going to improve the image of the country after the other scandals.
8. The Government must take this documentary film seriously and try to clear our name. Taking it off Al Jazeera in Malaysia would not change anything. The documentary has gone viral in Malaysia and is still shown throughout the world.


Thursday, May 21, 2015


Mengapa aku membuat keputusan memindahkan anak ke sekolah lain ?

Pada tahun 2012

Anak aku digigit oleh seorang murid GILA BABI ,aku buat repot polis.

Namun guru dan polis tidak mengambil SEBARANG TINDAKAN.

Manakala ibu kepada murid GILA BABI membuat repot polis palsu kononnya aku menampar anaknya .

Aku diheret ke Mahkamah .

Duit habis ribuan ringgit bertemu peguam,pegawai Kementerian,malah aku masuk hospital akibat STRESS .

YB Datok Ahmad Maslan menasihati aku agar MENARIK REPOT POLIS .Berdamai demi masa depan anak-anak .

Aku berfikir dan berfikir....

Akhirnya aku buat keputusan menarik repot polis setelah pegawai pejabat daerah Tampin berjanji membuat kenduri besar-besaran untuk membersihkan nama aku .Tapi  dia MUNGKIR .MUNAFIK .

Hari terakhir di Mahkamah ,Hakim memutuskan 


Aku dah kena main dengan guru,pegawai Kementerian ,pegawai pejabat Pelajaran .

Nama aku belum bersih.

Aku LUPAKAN.Malas aku nak fikir .

Aku yakin AKHIRAT masih ada.Biar aku kalah di dunia ....

Aku solat tahajjud,hajat dan berdoa agar kesemua mereka dihumbankan ke NERAKA JAHANNAM .


Aku menulis surat kepada GURU BESAR 

SAAT BIN  SULAIMAN                                                                          SKPB 0012
                                                                                                                     21 Mei 2015

Guru Besar

                                            GURU BIADAB

     Saya seperti nama dan beralamat di atas menghantar surat rasmi untuk penelitian Tuan.

2.   Anak saya NUR AS SYAHIRAH,TAHUN 1 BIJAK tidak hadir ke sekolah pada 18 Mei 2015 kerana demam.Saya membawanya ke Klinik Dr Zin .

3.   Pada 19 Mei 2015 ,anak saya ke sekolah dan  membawa hadiah bernilai RM5 yang dibalut kemas dan memberi guru kelas sebagai menghargai guru ,namun guru tersebut MENOLAKNYA.Guru tersebut berkata “Hari guru dah habis…ni bukan hari guru”.Ini perbuatan BIADAB .Adakah jika anak saya adalah anak Tuan,guru tersebut melakukan perkara sama ?

4.  Anak saya yang sedih pulang ke rumah kerna sikap guru tersebut menolak pemberian seorang anak murid yang IKHLAS .Saya memujuknya agar jangan bersedih kerana cuti sekolah nanti saya mahu membawanya berjalan-jalan.Saya menyuruhnya membaca buku kerana esok ada ujian lagi.

5.  Saya tidak berpuashati dengan sikap guru tersebut dan telah menghantar aduan kepada pejabat KEMENTERIAN PENDIDIKAN .Surat ini telah dihantar salinan kepada peguam dan  saya telah serahkan RM20,000  kepada peguam untuk buat keputusan sama ada mahu menyaman guru tersebut atau tidak.Biarlah peguam dengan kerjanya,saya tidak mahu masuk campur.Jika peguam datang ke sekolah,sila berikan kerja sama.

6.  Anak saya adalah WARGANEGARA MALAYSIA,dilahirkan di Hospital Sungai Buloh,bukan Hospital Monggolia.

7.   Saya juga mahu Tuan menguruskan perpindahan persekolahan kedua-dua anak saya iaitu NUR AS SAFA BTE SAAT dan NUR AS SYAHIRAH BTE SAAT secepat mungkin selepas peperiksaan berakhir Jumaat ini ( 22 Mei 2015 )  .Saya tidak mahu anak-anak bertemu lagi guru yang BIADAB dan tidak mempunyai etika sebagai seorang guru.Cukuplah setakat ini sahaja anak saya bersekolah di sini .Banyak lagi sekolah dalam negara ini yang memiliki guru yang lebih cemerlang .Hari Isnin depan ,anak saya akan mendapat sekolah baru,kawan baru dan guru baru.Cukuplah setakat ini sahaja saya melihat anak-anak dilayan sebagai kelas ketiga .Tahun lepas sahaja anak saya Nur As Safa ditendang oleh seorang murid lelaki hingga terjatuh dan  berdarah kakinya dan sakit selama seminggu namun murid lelaki tersebut TIDAK DIBUANG SEKOLAH.Itulah layanan sekolah ini .

8.     Saya  pernah bersekolah sejak Tabika,sekolah rendah,sekolah menengah,Universiti namun saya tidak pernah melupakan guru yang mendidik saya.Setiap kali Aidilfitri saya menziarahi mereka.Saya hargai guru dan didik anak-anak sayangkan guru namun ada segelintir guru melayan anak saya kelas ketiga .Saya pernah menyumbang buku kepada perpustakaan sekolah bernilai RM500 dan memberi pakaian kepada anak-anak yatim dan miskin di sekolah ini namun sekolah ini TIDAK TAHU BERTERIMA KASIH.Saya juga pernah memberikan ceramah motivasi kepada murid Tahun 6 dan tidak mengambil bayaran sesen pun sedangkan sekolah lain bayaran adalah RM1000.Saya tidak ambil bayaran kerana hargai sekolah ini .

9.    Hayati kata-kata ini “Seorang doktor yang tersalah memberi rawatan hanya MEMBUNUH seorang pesakit namun seorang guru yang tersalah memberi didikan akan memusnahkan sebuah generasi”.

10.   Kerjaya guru adalah AMANAH,tunaikan amanah sebaiknya. Saya ingin mengucapkan TERIMA KASIH kepada Tuan kerana melayan kedua-dua anak saya dengan baik.Anak-anak saya sentiasa memberitahu saya bahawa Guru Besar sekolah ini baik dan penyayang.Saya didik anak saya menulis diari dan mencatat  nama Tuan seorang guru yang BAIK DAN PENYAYANG.Saya selalu memberitahu mereka agar menziarahi guru-guru wlupun tidak bersekolah lagi .Jangan sesekali lupakan guru.


Terima kasih

Yang MARAH ,


22 MEI 2015 


Selepas ini apa yang berlaku ?

Tunggu dan lihat .........................



Thursday, May 14, 2015


1. Apabila pilihanraya kecil bermula di Rompin dan Permatang Pauh, saya diberitahu oleh penyokong Najib bahawa PRK ini akan membuktikan sokongan kuat kepada Dato Sri. Dakwaan saya yang Najib tidak popular akan meleset.

2. BN akan menang besar di Rompin kerana ini kubu UMNO dan JJ amat popular. Lagipun calon PAS lemah dan PAS mempunyai masalah dalaman.

3. Di Permatang Pauh pula parti lawan berpecah kerana hudud PAS. PAS tidak akan sokong PKR. Azmin Ali pula berhasrat mengalahkan Wan Azizah. Ada kemungkinan BN boleh menang pun.

4. Kejayaan UMNO dan BN dalam kedua-dua PRK akan menunjuk bahawa dakwaan saya Najib tidak disukai ramai adalah salah. Dan Najib boleh dapat kemenangan dalam PRU 14.

5. Saya berada dalam keadaan serba salah. Sebagai ahli UMNO saya hendak BN menang. Tetapi kemenangan akan mengekalkan kepimpinan Najib dalam PRU 14. Dan saya yakin BN pimpinan Najib akan kalah PRU 14.

6. Keputusan PRK di kedua-dua kawasan menunjuk sangkaan penyokong Najib bahawa dakwaan saya yang Najib tidak dapat sokongan ramai lebih tepat dari harapan mereka.

7. Sesungguhnya saya menghadapi dilema sejurus selepas Dato Sri Najib mengambilalih tampuk Kerajaan dari Tun Abdullah. Harapan saya bahawa Najib akan betulkan kesalahan Abdullah tidak menjadi kenyataan.

8. Sebaliknya ia mengekalkan dasar dan tindakan Abdullah. Bukan sahaja jambatan dan landasan berkembar keretapi tidak dilaksana, ia mendokong kononnya liberalisme Abdullah.

9. Dasar luar negara juga ditukar dengan mengutamakan persahabatan dengan kuasa besar seperti AS dan Eropah.

10. Secara tersembunyi ia mengambil penasihat British dan mengguna pakar runding (consultant) luar.

11. Ia gemar mengadakan perhimpunan rakyat upahan yang menatang sepanduk kecil yang dibekal kepada mereka dengan tulisan “I love PM” dan menyanyi lagu “IM4U”. Mereka ini datang kerana dibawa dengan bas dari jauh, diberi makan dan upahan.

12. Untuk mendapat sokongan orang Cina, Najib membelakangkan DEB, mengurangkan tempat dan biasiswa bagi penuntut bumiputra di universiti, dan melayan segala tuntutan parti pembangkang. Dipercayai bahawa dengan slogan “Ah Jib Gor” abang Ajib, orang Cina akan sokongnya.

13. Najib juga percaya bahawa wang tunai adalah raja (cash is king). Jika wang diberi maka rakyat akan sokong dirinya. Maka diperkenalkan BR1M, wang percuma untuk rakyat.

14. Sebelum PRU 13 diarah supaya dikumpul 70,000 orang Cina di Kelang untuk mendengar kempennya. Tak sampai 15,000 yang datang. Mereka tidak hirau ucapan Najib. Najib kalah teruk di sini pada PRU 13.

15. Saya tidak percaya semua ini akan memulihkan sokongan kepada BN. Tetapi sangkaan saya ialah prestasinya dalam PRU 13 akan menjadi lebih baik dari Abdullah.

16. Harapan saya tidak menjadi kenyataan. Prestasi Najib lebih buruk dari Abdullah.

17. Saya harap Najib akan ambil iktibar dari PRU 13. Tetapi tidak. Ia meneruskan dengan pemberian wang. Ia masih mengekalkan penasihat Britishnya. Tingkat 4 diperbesarkan. Pejabat PM dipenuhi dengan ramai anggota yang diberi tugas-tugas ciptaan. Gaji yang diberi tidak mengikut system gaji pegawai Kerajaan.

18. Jawatan-jawatan bertaraf menteri diwujud untuk memberi tempat kepada yang bersara. Ditubuhkan badan bebas yang mengambilalih kerja dan tugas jabatan-jabatan Kerajaan seperti EPU. Mereka ini dibayar gaji yang tinggi, yang menyebabkan pegawai Kerajaan berasa kecewa.

19. Saya didatangi oleh ramai kumpulan-kumpulan dan individu yang mengadu terhadap kepimpinan Dato Sri Najib. Mereka datang berkali-kali dan meminta saya buat sesuatu supaya Najib berhentikan dasar dan pendekatannya.

20. Yang datang bukan sahaja orang Melayu dan ahli UMNO tetapi juga orang Cina. Mereka amat tidak senang dengan isteri Najib, dengan cara hidup mewahnya, dengan lagaknya seakan-akan ia Perdana Menteri.

21. Menerima desakan dari mereka ini saya cuba nasihat dan tegur Dato Sri. Tetapi tidak berkesan. Ia yakin caranya, pemberian wang olehnya akan memikat hati orang ramai. Dia percaya benar bahawa rakyat begitu sayang dengannya. Dia percaya walaupun UMNO dan BN tidak popular tetapi ia begitu disukai ramai dan ia akan jadikan dirinya sebagai idola dan ikon UMNO dan BN. Ia percaya perhimpunan-perhimpunan besar yang diadakan, dengan sepanduk I love PM membuktikan betapa rakyat suka kepadanya.

22. Desakan supaya saya membuat sesuatu untuk menyedarkan Najib akan kemerosotan sokongan kepadanya, dan kebencian kepada tindak-tanduknya serta cara hidup mewah isterinya datang bertalu-talu kepada saya.

23. Buatlah sesuatu, kata mereka. Saya jawab saya sudah buat tetapi tidak berkesan.

24. Tetapi, apabila saya mula mendengar berkenaan 1MDB, saya berasa keadaan sudah menjadi amat serius. Pada masa itu maklumat tidak banyak. Saya terpaksa buat keputusan untuk hantar kepada Najib surat menyatakan saya tidak sokongnya lagi.

25. Najib hanya mengarah orang berdekatan dengannya supaya saya tarik balik surat saya. Kerana ia tidak dedah penarikan sokongan saya, terpaksalah saya dedah sendiri.

26. Saya terima lebih banyak maklumat berkenaan 1MDB. Saya terkejut dengan jumlah hutang yang begitu tinggi. Kerajaan sendiri tidak pernah hutang begitu banyak. Hutang ini pula dibuat secara off-budget, iaitu tanpa mendapat kelulusan Kabinet atau Dewan Rakyat.

27. Saya tidak dapat terima pembelian stesen janakuasa dengan harga lebih tinggi dari harga pasaran. Ini bukan soal satu dua juta atau sepuluh duapuluh juta. Kelebihan harga mencecah ribuan juta sedang lesen operasi kilang sudah hampir tamat dan nilainya akan jatuh kepada ratusan ribu ringgit sahaja. Kenapa tidak tunggu sehingga tamat lesen.

28. Bila ditanya Najib berkata apabila nilai naik, kilang-kilang boleh dijual untuk mendapat untung. Ini bukan kerja Kerajaan – jual beli syarikat.

29. Saya tidak percaya 1MDB akan dapat untung dari penjualan kilang yang dibeli dengan harga begitu tinggi. Hari ini kita tahu yang syarikat kilang elektrik 1MDB tidak pun dapat disenarai di bursa.

30. Saya dapati penarikan sokongan saya kepada Najib tidak berkesan. Sementara itu masalah 1MDB semakin meruncing. 1MDB tidak dapat bayar faedah keatas hutang 42 billionRinggit. Wang yang kononnya dilabur di Cayman Islands tidak dapat dibawa balik.

31. Pelaburan dan JV dengan Petro Saudi kabur dan wang pelaburan tidak begitu jelas di mana berada.

32. Apabila lapuran polis dibuat berkenaan Jho Low dengan 1MDB, rumah pihak yang melapur dirampas dan dianya diisytihar muflis.

33. Pemberita yang melapur bahawa Majlis Raja-Raja tidak bersetuju dengan hudud PAS telah ditangkap kerana kononnya menyalahi undang-undang hasutan. Kemudian hakim melepas mereka kerana ia bukan hasutan.

34. Tindakan ke atas pemberita disyaki untuk menakutkan orang ramai dari membuat apa-apa kenyataan anti-Kerajaan.

35. Saya berasa terdapat salahguna kuasa oleh Kerajaan. Agensi-agensi Kerajaan diguna untuk ugutan. Rakyat semakin tidak suka kepada Kerajaan. Saya lebih berkeyakinan BN akan kalah PRU 14 jika dipimpin oleh Najib.

36. Saya tidak dapat terima negara diperintah oleh Pakatan. Dasar-dasar dalam parti-parti dalam pakatan bertentangan antara satu dengan yang lain. DAP lebih utamakan kepentingan orang Cina. PAS mendakwa ia bukan Melayu, hanya Islam. Keislaman PAS hanyalah untuk politik bukan sebenarnya untuk Islam. Sebab itu PAS mengkafirkan UMNO kerana bekerjasama dengan orang kafir tetapi kemudian PAS memeluk orang kafir. Parti Keadilan hanya untuk Anwar jadi Perdana Menteri.

37. Jika Pakatan menjadi Kerajaan, huru-hara akan berlaku. Kemajuan negara akan terjejas dan rakyat semua kaum akan menderita.

38. Saya sedar jika saya tidak sokong Najib parti lawan akan ambil kesempatan. Sebaliknya jika Najib pimpin BN dalam PRU 14, BN akan kalah. Luah mati mak, telan mati bapak.

39. Jika kepimpinan UMNO dan BN hendak ditukar, ia harus dibuat sebelum masa untuk pemulihan terlalu singkat sebelum PRU 14.

40. Akhirnya saya terpaksa dedah kesalahan Najib dalam 1MDB. Duit berbillion Ringgit sudah hilang dan tidak mungkin didapati balik. Secara langsung atau tidak langsung Najib bertanggungjawab terhadap kehilangan yang besar ini.

41. Kerana perbuatan yang tidak bertanggungjawab ini Najib tidak lagi layak untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia.