Tuesday, September 15, 2015


By Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. Najib’s Government claims that Al-Jazeera is trying to subvert his Government with the half-hour documentary on murder in Malaysia. It claims there is no truth in the report.
2. If the Government thinks there is no truth in the documentary, then it should sue Al-Jazeera for defamation.
3. Al-Jazeera is watched by millions throughout the world. Most will believe what they see. Merely saying that it is not true may convince some Malaysians but will not convince foreigners.
4. After all during the Merdeka month Al Jazeera showed a glowing documentary on Malaysia, including its PM. Viewers have a choice to believe which documentary.
5. This new documentary will blacken not only Najib’s name but the whole country as well. It is not pleasant to be told that the Prime Minister of Malaysia may be involved in a murder case.
6. Najib and his Government have a duty to clear our name. Proof must be given that the murder, the cover-up, the police involvement and Razak Baginda were in no way guilty of the terrible crime. The Judiciary including the AG’s Chambers too must clear their names especially with regard to the acquittal of Razak Baginda and the appeal by the Attorney General which was confined only to the two policemen. They were retried and were found guilty and sentenced to be hanged to death by the Appeals court.
7. Already Malaysians abroad are being asked what has happened to our country. This new episode is not going to improve the image of the country after the other scandals.
8. The Government must take this documentary film seriously and try to clear our name. Taking it off Al Jazeera in Malaysia would not change anything. The documentary has gone viral in Malaysia and is still shown throughout the world.


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