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I would like to convey my condolences to all families of passengers and crew on board Air Asia Indonesia flight QZ8501
1. Flight International magazine dated 14 – 20 Oct 2014 carries an article entitled, “Searching for Answers.” Together is a small picture with MH 370 written on some material. (See here for story)
2. The article relates about “Another rift in the competitive landscape between Airbus and Boeing.” It seems that while Airbus is ready to move forward with a deployable flight data and voice recorder system for commercial aircraft, Boeing which has installed deployable recorders on at least three military aircraft fleets, disagrees that the technology is appropriate or safe for commercial transport.
3. The Airbus concept involves deploying one of the two sets of flight data and cockpit voice recorders in the event of a mid-air collision or impact with the ground. The deployed unit includes a locator beacon, and is designed to float if the crash occurs in water.
4. Just imagine if this recorder and beacon is installed on the Air Asia Indonesia aircraft or MH370, we would not have to search the oceans for the planes.
5. I cannot understand why Boeing is against it. Says the article, “If either the Malaysian or the French airlines (which crashed in 2009) were equipped with a deployable flight recorder, the narrative of the search would likely be different.” (The article was written before the loss of QZ8501)
6. An article in of Dec 2006 reports that Boeing had received a US patent for a system that allows seizure of an aircraft by remote control as a means to prevent terrorist hijacking.
7. Boeing had made no comment on its powerful capability. And MH 370 has not been found till now. And now Boeing seems to be unwilling to make finding lost aircrafts easier and faster, possibly saving lives as well. Why??
8. The mystery deepens.


By Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. I was watching Al-Jazeera news as I often do.
2. The report was on President Putin speaking to the Russian Parliament.
3. He was saying that America and the West were trying to dismantle Russia as they did to Yugoslavia. He warned the Russian people to be prepared.
4. Then the newscaster came on the screen to ask questions of a Russian news analyst. She asked him why is Putin threatening the West.
5. The man said Putin is not threatening. He is only reacting to President Obama’s public statement that Russia is a threat to the world, second only to Ebola.
6. The newscaster repeated “but why is Russia threatening the world?”
7. Apparently she thought that when Russia is described as a threat to the West, Russia should just say “yes we are”, and its leader should say sorry, we will not say anything again.
8. It’s mind-boggling.
 The West is doing everything to alienate countries of the Eastern bloc so as to widen membership of NATO. Clearly this is a threat to Russia.
9. A government elected by the Ukrainians was forced through street demonstrations to resign for rejecting union with the European Union. Russia is now accused of supporting Russians in Ukraine to break away from that country. This support of the West to install undemocratically a pro-West government is okay. But Russia must not do the same for the pro-Russian people in Ukraine.
10. When MH17 was shot down, before any investigation was done, the US accused Russia of supplying the missile to the dissidents for the attack. Now we are not sure. Ukraine, Russia and the dissidents all have the same missiles. So how can American be so certain who shot the plane and whether a missile was used.
11. But not to worry. It is a good excuse for applying sanction against Russia.
12. Clearly the intention is to create problems for the Russian people so that they would overthrow Putin.
13. 50% of Russian foreign earnings comes from selling gas to Europe. Now Russia have lost that income. It should be in trouble.
14. So Russia switched the gas to Turkey. That is provocative. That is a threat.
15. Really the Russians should just lie down and starve, hating Putin.
16. But strangely Putin is more popular now with the Russians.

17. The question is who is threatening whom? Yes Russia has occupied the Crimea. But that is after an elected government was brought down by street demonstrations.
18. Russia has helped Russian dissidents in the Ukraine. Isn’t this what the West and America are doing in many countries to bring down governments and plunge countries into disorder and turmoil. Where are the weapons for the IS coming from if not from Syria where a civil war has been started and the West are busy giving weapons and money.
19. The world does not need another world war. But this time it is obvious that the West is being provocative by applying sanctions and depriving Russia of its valuable European market.