Wednesday, April 9, 2014


By Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. During the time when I was leading the Government, I was accused by Western nations, in particular by the Western media of controlling the press. Since retirement I read a lot about the administration of Western countries. The censorship they practise on their press and publication is more stringent than anything we have seen here.
2. The American and Western media and publishers are totally forbidden to say anything unseemly about the Jews and in particular Israel. They may also not report about the unAmerican activities of the Jews in their own country.
3. I read a book on banking, on the setting up of the central banking system, on how the banks finance both sides in the wars of Europe, how they actually manipulate the politicians into going into meaningless wars so they can earn profits from lending the money they created out of thin air. They abuse the financial systems to such an extent that financial crises would plague the countries and even the world every now and again. And when they go bankrupt they force Government’s to borrow money from them to bail out their companies and banks.
4. The creator of the banking system and the setting up of the Federal Reserve System as the central bank of the United States was Rothschild and members of his family. Almost all the other great bankers in the U.S. and European countries were people with clearly Jewish names. Yet throughout the book of 600 over pages there was no mention at all that they were Jews.
5. Why is this so? It is because effectively this fact is not allowed to be mentioned. The Jews of the world demand that nothing bad may be said about Jews. All Western Governments all concur. Any unsavoury reference to the Jews and to their depredations will earn the condemnation not just of the Jews but also of Western Governments as “anti semitic.” In today’s world no one is allowed to be anti-semitic (Incidentally the Arabs are also Semitic people). And the media and publishers must never publish anything that may be considered anti-semitic. If they try they will be censored.

6. One can condemn any race or any nation for anything whether false or true but no one may condemn the Jews. If anyone does that, his statements or his book or article will not be published. Only unknown publishers or the writers themselves may publish. The great bookshops will not sell them.
7. It is clear that there is censorship in the West and it is even more rigid. In fact there are Western countries which have laws to punish anti-semitic utterances.
8. When a British journalist, David Irving, wrote that the number of Jews killed by the German Nazis may not be 6 million but less, he was arrested when he visited Austria, tried and jailed for being anti-semitic. That is the extent of censorship in Europe. Even if you say anything supposedly anti-semitic in another country, you may be jailed by any European country.
9. The West has therefore no right to lecture others about freedom of speech, of the media or of publication. They themselves do not practice what they preach. They are the worst censors in the world.

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